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Posted by J.K.HENKELS on 12/24/2016 to Resource Guide
Water walls cleanse the air around them. Water is nature’s best purifying agent, and a wall full of cascading water will help to create a fresh and restful atmosphere.A water wall can instantly liven up dull surroundings. Instead of stuffing your home or office with bright and colorful decorations, install a creatively designed water wall for a rich and elegant touch. After all, less is more nowadays!

Types of water walls

Homeowners and people in business who want to buy water walls have unlimited options to choose from.

Here are some common types:

Large water wall

Homeowners can now install large, property-wide water walls instead of regular walls. Many hotels, restaurants, and superstores have also adopted this feature to add a stunning visual display to their storefronts.

Small water wall

If you have limited living or working space, a small water wall is an option too! Go for a panel or slab design or a fountain that can easily fit into small spaces.Custom water walls

Do you have a particular shape, design or pattern in mind? Want to add your logo or brand image to the wall? You can now get your wall customized to fit your taste and personality. There are infinite choices:

You can either have Your company logo and image, or you can use the insignia or picture of your favorite brand. Engrave them in the form of Glow-in-the-dark panels, Multi-coloured panels, Monochromic designs, Transparent glass, Grayscale designs.

Illuminated water wall

Opt for a bright water wall that comes to life in the dark. You can choose from a diverse color palette, from soft and soothing pastel shades to bright and glaring neons. Again, your wall, your choice!Entrepreneurs can also install outdoor water walls with customized company logo/image illuminations. It’s a neat way to advertise your brand to the world!

Bubble water wall

Bubble water walls light up with spectacular, multi-coloured LED displays. Their colorful bubbling creates a peaceful and tranquil setting and relieves stress and tension.

Stone clad water wall

If you want to add an effortlessly refined touch to your home or office, install a stone-patterned water wall. With its charming stone design, this wall brings rustic elegance to your surroundings.

Copper water wall

Another modern design, a copper water wall are perfect for enlivening outdoor spaces. Installing a copper panel or fountain in your garden will make a stunning background for your plants and flowers.

Plexiglass water wall

This delicate glass wall can be fitted with all kinds of spectacular 3D designs, patterns, and colors. That’s why it makes a great addition to plain, unadorned surroundings.

Stainless steel water wall

These walls add a light, silvery touch to their surroundings. They work especially great in lush outdoor spaces.

Waterfall features for patios

If you’ve been thinking of redecorating your patio, consider adding a water wall. With its waves of flowing water, this wall will make for a beautiful and restful view as you recline back with a cup of tea. There are many options to choose from

  • A transparent glass wall surrounded by green plants
  • A stacked stone design
  • A wooden fountain design painted in bright colors
  • Mosaic tile patterns
  • Contemporary metal designs
  • Copper panels


Types of indoor fountains

Who says fountains can only be installed outdoors? Many property owners have started buying indoor foundations to decorate their living area. These artistic pieces automatically add style and flare to your home. There are three main types of indoor fountains:

Tabletop fountain

If you live in a small home or apartment, the tabletop fountain is your best option. It is small in size and is designed to fit on a desk, coffee table or countertop. It doesn’t need to be assembled and can be used immediately after purchase.

Floor fountain

This is a classic fountain, typically large, although medium and small sizes can be found too. Since it requires large space, it is suited for large homes or open areas.Floor fountains are often manufactured from copper, marble, and glass.

Wall-mounted fountain

This is the most popular type of fountain. As the name suggests, it can be mounted on the wall similar to other wall hangings. It is easy to install, and typically has a rectangular shape that can be fitted both vertically and horizontally.Such fountains are typically made of copper, glass or stainless steel.

Types of outdoor fountains

Outdoor fountains enhance the beauty of outdoor areas like gardens, yards, and patios. Due to the diversity of designs and styles, fountains can add grace and charm to any landscape.Here are the common types of outdoor fountains:

Wall fountain

This fountain can be attached to an outdoor wall and looks great on a patio or a courtyard.

Tiered fountain

A very popular choice, this fountain has multiple levels and can often be found in Mediterranean countries like Italy and Spain. You can choose a basic design or intricate carvings depicting nature, people or animals.

Self-contained fountain

Another attractive option, a self-contained fountain is easy to install and is quite affordable. It can be installed or relocated anywhere in the garden, making it very versatile. This fountain is ideal for your patio or deck.

Bubbling fountain

This fountain has a very basic design. The water is propelled with an extensive force that makes it bubble out of a spout at the top.

Top 20 water walls for backyards

Water walls create stunning backdrops for lush, manicured backyards. Here are 20 incredible options to choose from

  • Innovative 3D designs
  • Mixed colors
  • Curved bluestone
  • Rustic copper
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Stacked stone
  • Stainless steel
  • Rustic stone
  • Transparent glass
  • Contemporary metal and stone combination
  • ·Marble Natural Stone
  • Limestone blocks
  • Backsplash design



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