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Lion Design Outdoor Wall Fountain - 25" Florentine Stone

Lion Design Outdoor Wall Fountain - 25" Florentine Stone

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Lion Design Outdoor Wall Fountain - 25" Florentine Stone

The Sunnydaze Decorative Lion Outdoor Wall Fountain is simply stunning. The focal point is a majestic lion spewing water from its mouth and surrounded by ornate embellishment. It is available in four different finishes: Florentine stone, weathered iron, lead, and French limestone.Weighing nine pounds and with dimensions of 14.4” W x 8.6” D x 25” H, this fountain adds charm to any outdoor wall. It is constructed using poly stone, a compound made of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives; this creates a stone-like appearance.

Installing this fountain is incredibly easy. It can be mounted onto any surface using a sturdy hook, nail, or screw. It can also be set on level ground against a wall. Also Included with the fountain is a submersible electric pump and a 6’ power cord, so you can immediately set up your fountain.

What’s truly amazing about this fountain is solar on demand upgrade. On a sunny day, the pump will use solar energy to power itself and recharge the solar powered battery pack. During the night and on cloudy days, the battery pack will automatically power the pump. Fully charged batteries can provide power for up to four hours. When the batteries run dry, the system automatically kicks back into solar powered, and the pump resumes function when sunlight becomes available again. Beautiful and efficient!

This fountain has only one basin instead of two, creating a deeper and warmer sound than those fountains with two basins. It can be easily heard when installing outdoors, but the sound is not overpowering.

Here is the video by the manufacturer on the Outdoor Lion Design Wall Fountain - Florentine Stone.

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