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Q. Do you have staff that can help with installation?

A. We can assist you by answering questions about a fountain. However, we don’t install fountains. Our smaller water features are easy to setup. They require a standard electrical outlet and can be assembled without special tools. Large or heavy fountains may require the help of a contractor.

Q. How can I install a large wall fountain or large floor fountain by myself?

A:  Installation of our large fountains is straightforward. Our products come with complete instructions for setup. However, large fountains may be too heavy for one individual to lift and position. A contractor will be able to assist you if you need help.

Q. Do I need a special electrical outlet for a large fountain?

A. Our fountains use standard outlets. You can avoid electrical wires crossing the floor by placing your water feature near an outlet.

Q. What happens if the pump malfunctions?

A.  Pumps are easy to remove. They sit inside the water reservoir at the fountain’s base. A replacement pump can easily be installed if needed.

Q. Do you have fountains that automatically fill?

A. Our fountains require the regular addition of water. For information about optional auto-fill systems, please contact us.

Q. I have pets. Is the water in the fountain safe to drink?

A. Water that’s free of additives is safe for pets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for keeping the water clean.

Q. Will an indoor fountain harm my floors or walls?

A. The water in a fountain is self-contained. Water features are safe for indoor use. Take care when you place your fountain, since pets or people can sometimes splash the water.

Q.How much maintenance is required for the water features and how easy or difficult it is to clean them?

A. Place the water feature away from direct Sunlight, as sunlight accelerates the growth of algae. You should Replace approximately 25% of your water every three weeks. (Use Fresh Room Temperature tap water).To Clean the outside of your water feature use a soft cloth. Abrasive material will scratch the acrylic finish.

Q. How often do you need to change the filter?

A. Filter media and elements don’t last forever, and there will come a point when you should replace them for optimal filtration. There’s not a perfect time frame for this either, as it depends on time of use and specific volume of debris. When you first get your filter, cleaning the media or element will bring your fountain back to its initial level. Even though your media looks clean, there will always be some residue or particles left behind and it will build up over time. A monthly inspection of your water feature will help you determine what kind of maintenance is required in order to keep it in good condition.

What Our Customers Say!

"Great Experience!
The customer service staff helped us in choosing the right fountain for our lawn, they were great in advising. All in all, it's been a good experience. I would definitely buy from decorative indoor waterfall again!"

Chris from
Lake Detroit, Michigan

"Awesome Customer Service!
The delivery was prompt and the customer service was very responsive –I had to call them to ask for assembly guidance because I couldn’t figure out some pieces (yes, I am mechanically challenged). Though everyone else says they find the assembly easy. Anyway, this fountain was a great buy. We are glad to have chosen decorative indoor waterfall over others"

Dorthy From
Dallas, Texas

"Affordable and Good Quality!
We had limited budget but still wanted to get the best value out of our many, ended up buying an indoor fountain from decorative indoor waterfall. At such price, we were skeptical about the quality, but it turned to be a different experience, it's been a year now and the fountain is functioning like day 1. Great product quality!"

Kari From
Waterbury, Connecticut